Welcome to Relaxed To Bliss Massage Therapy, your ultimate resource of comfort. We all have our own meaning of what it means to be relaxed or to reach that feeling of bliss. Our goal here is that every client experiences your own meaning of bliss and that we help you achieve your ultimate peak of comfort and relaxation. Every body is unique and each body has its own way it wants to be touched. We specialize in custom tailored body therapy that helps our clients to receive exactly what they want and gives the body what it needs. We will listen to you and your body and we will personalize a plan for you to ensure that we continue to work towards achieving your wellness goals for your body. You can click on the "Services & Rates" page to learn more about the various modalities that we are trained in and use in our practice. But again, whatever we can do to help you achieve your goals in your session or plan of sessions, we are here to accommodate those requests.

All your stress issues, whether it be your job, finances, kids, trouble at home, or stress from driving back and forth to work in DFW traffic everyday, can be helped thru Massage Therapy. For tired, sore or fatigued muscles, Massage Therapy can be a great benefit for your body. No medicine here. We use our natural gift of Blessed hands from God to promote wellness and a healthy well being through massage. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Thank you for visiting, and have a Blessed day.