Relaxed To Bliss Massage and Spa
Darryl Whaley , LMT

Covid-19 Precautions

Here at Relaxed To Bliss Massage and Spa we are doing our part in the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We value your lives and your health. We want you to know that your protection and safety is our highest priority here. We are taking all of the necessary precautions to ensure that you, your family, our staff and their families are safe when visiting our Spa. That is why we have implemented the following precautions and safety measures suggested for Spa's by The Texas Department of License and Registration and the CDC to help prevent the contraction and spread of the COVID-19 virus:

- Everyone is required to wear a mask while inside of the Spa at all times.
- The Spa doors will be locked at all times. Text me at 817-751-2738 or 469-353-3937 so I can let you in the Spa. You can wait outside or inside of your car until I get to the door.
- Everyone is required to have an appointment to enter the Spa
- A temperature check is required upon entering the Spa
- Clients must confirm that there has not been any contact with anyone with COVID-19 or have or show any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. 
- Once you enter the suite for your session, please wash your hands. 
- I will wash my hands before and after each client. 
- I will wear a face mask at all times. 
- I will wear gloves during each session 
- Clean towels and sheets are used for each person for each session 
- The room is cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized after every client. 

Most of these safety precautions and procedures we've always practiced here at Relaxed To Bliss so now we are putting more emphasis on these practices along with the new procedures as well. Even during this pandemic there is no need to stress coming to Relaxed To Bliss. You can come here to get your stress relieved and take a moment from all that is going on and just relax.